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Message from The Founder

Singapore is notorious for being a melting pot of cultures and its ethnicity vigor-adding vibrancy to the synthesis of cultures, fine arts and overall architecture. This little dynamo that demonstrates a dynamic palette is now attracting brims of energy from all over the world.

With the ever-growing network of talents injected, the Singapore’s Permanent Residency and Citizenship statuses are highly coveted by professionals, entrepreneurs and investors alike, many of whom have personally experienced life first hand in this cosmopolitan city.

Possession of one of either status is not without its array of highly acclaimed benefits. This growing list of privileges includes a warmer welcome, access to the city’s public housing schemes, a highly sought after education pathway, and a quality healthcare system. Additionally, conferred Permanent Residents and Citizens may also look forward to our social security savings popularly known as the Central Provident Fund (CPF) for retirement needs, ease of property purchases, a smarter entry for entrepreneurs, businesses and an enjoyment of the citizen taxation framework.

With experience dated back to 2013, Make Me Local SG (MMLSG) specializes in the service provision of immigration matters. We have a wide coverage and are proficient in applications via differing schemes for both the Singapore Permanent Residency and Citizenship. Over time, MMLSG helms an extensive experience in assisting and working alongside prominent business directors, esteemed professionals and the like. Concurrently, we also manage core personal assets in Singapore-notably residential properties of foreign investors and expatriates. It is also in our niche to work with families germane to the seamless transition into the vibrant city, especially in housing, education placement system and medical care to say the least. Overtime, the International Portfolio grew, and clients served are predominantly from Asia and Europe.

Despite being native, Make Me Local SG is geared towards the notion of diversity and is highly supportive on the front of multicultural engagement. This plays out very well as it broadens cultural and intellectual horizons. Commitment to playing an integral role in the building of a cosmopolitan city is deemed important and we hope that Singapore continues to reshape and improve this metropolis that many of us grew fond of.

‘So here is what we are for, to make you a truly internationalized Singaporean’


Why Consider Make Me Local?

On top of our governing tenets, we professionally do only what we do best.

Relationships are key

Multiple Touchpoints

Effective response rate

No surprise charges


Contact Us

Email: makemelocal@outlook.com

All service-related electronic mails will be replied within 24 hours with best efforts*

Last Update: 31/08/2017


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